COACHING PACKAGES each one on one and couples session packages includes:
- 45 minute sessions conducted once a week (see monthly allotted meetings below)
- Brief phone calls between sessions if you need to refocus or have concerns about your goals
- Unlimited email communication
- Tools to help you reach your goals

 Single Session $50

1 Month $150 (single) $300 (couple)
   (4) 45 minute sessions

3 Months $500 (single) $1000 (couple)         
  (12) 45 minute sessions        

6 Months $1000 (single) $2000 (couple)
   (24) 45 minute sessions    

Teen Coaching 
Teen coaching comes in different packages. I offer one on one, group (2-4 teens) and workshops. The one on one and group sessions can range from Mindset to self development to goal setting and achieving...and anything in between. Workshops are held a few times a year and are on specific topics. Most are free but some do have a small fee.
One on one sessions for teens last 30 minutes and are $20 a session.
Group sessions are 1 hour and are $20 a teen per session
 There is no commitment for these you can book once a week, once a month or just when you feel they are needed

Email sessions
 Do you feel like you need a life coach but just do not have 45 minutes to sit down and talk right now. Maybe you started a new job or you just had a baby, no matter the reason email sessions are great for anyone. Another perk is they are super budget friendly.
1 week (unlimited emails) $40
1 month (unlimited emails)  $150

*All Military and First Responders (Fire, Police, Medic) always receive a 10% discount
*Payment is due at time of booking. If booking 3 months or longer I do offer payment plans.
*Gift Certificates available 

Cash, Visa & MasterCard are the accepted payments. Sorry this is non-billable to insurance companies.